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Interview (english)  (Par mail)  septembre 2016

Alex Cameron spoke with Froggy's Delight on the occasion of the release of his new album, Jumping the Shark.

What about your partner Roy Molloy ? Would you describe your project as a duo? Did you already play together before ?

Alex Cameron : Yes we are a duo. A live duo. A business duo. A vigilante duo. We are a two piece and we run our business The Crawfish together. We specialise in music, publishing, removals and delivery.

Your album Jumping The Shark has been already released in 2014 and now it's out on Secretly Canadian. What about this choice ?

Alex Cameron : Secretly Canadian are quickly becoming family to me. They welcomed me with smiles and money and I am confident we can make a hit record together. They were the most professional label that approached me and I appreciate their frankness. Very talented.

What inspired you most to make this album ?

Alex Cameron : Working two jobs seven days a week and touring until I couldn't stand up anymore.

What about lyrics ? Do you write them before or after the music ? How do you usually compose a song ?

Alex Cameron : Normally lyrics come separate to the melody. Then I have to work them together. Sometimes the song comes all as one complete package in my mind. Then I have to fight to make it a reality. This is rare but generally the best songs come from that second process.

Your album has been in free download for a while. What do you think about this kind of distribution strategies ?

Alex Cameron : I don't have an opinion on it. The only distribution strategy I trust is getting on a plane and delivering the music yourself, in person, live.

You've been in a trio called Seekae, pretty well-known in Australia. Did this band inspire your new project or is this something totally different ?

Alex Cameron : It's a different thing entirely. They aren't connected. I use different skills for each project.

You've been supported by a lot of musicians like Mac De Marco. Are there some musicians do you would like to suggest ? Maybe some Australian bands...

Alex Cameron : Some Australian bands I love are : Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders. Lost Animal. Kirin J Callinan. PVT.

Tell us about one of your best concert experiences. The place / the city that you liked the most.

Alex Cameron : Paris. Silencio. With Foxygen. It was hard work because the venue has a reputation, but that show meant a lot to me. It started this whole thing.

Are you interested in some other forms of art and do they inspire your music ?

Alex Cameron : Yes. Film. Paul Thomas Anderson. Literature. Peter Carey. Painting. Goya.

Do you have some future plans ? Some other project ? Maybe a new album coming...

More music. More shows. More work. The most important thing is work.


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Merci à Mickaël Mottet pour la traduction.

Paola Simeone         
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